Sunday, October 12, 2008

Writer's Block

I have another writing assignment due before Tuesday, and I've been somewhat stumped all week as to what I will write. I simply have to take a single sentence provided to me and begin a short story with it.

"Chris began to question the wisdom of this trip."

Chris can be male or female and can be on any sort of trip I decide. I was originally trying to structure the whole story in my head but wasn't getting anywhere that way. I finally decided to just free write, start writing without knowing where it was going. That seems to be helping but I think I got too caught up in the quality of the words I put down. So...the words just stopped coming out.

I have a friend advising me to just write some kind of crap and worry about revising it later. Actually, that's good advice. You don't get anything written by trying to make it come out perfect the first time. Sigh. I suppose I'll go back to my story and try to finish it.

I find it amusingly odd that I'm writing about writer's block. Heh.

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Denver Refashionista said...

It happens. I find writing fiction difficult. I also get caught up a lot in trying to make things perfect. I think sometimes you just have to let it flow and clean it up later.