Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

For this new year I resolved to keep up with my blog better. As I sit here on the 14th day of 2009 making my first entry for the year, I'm thinking I'm doing a great job with this resolution! Ahem. Ok, maybe not so much. I didn't actually make this resolution though so all is well!

I have been getting some things taken care of today at any rate. Or at least have been working toward goals of things to get done. I've gone through a heap of old mail trying to sort out debts so that I can finish filling out paperwork for bankruptcy. Yesterday I completed my pre-filing credit counseling. Hopefully I can finish going through old mail tomorrow. I just couldn't handle any more today. Trying to make sense of so much old mail is tiring.

I'm trying to refrain from pestering the doctor about the prior authorization appeal for my CellCept prescription. I haven't heard from them and I'd like to know how that's going. They were wonderful to find some free samples to last me a couple of weeks but those will run out at some point so I'm wondering if they've heard anything from my insurance company regarding his appeal to the denial, based on medical necessity.

In better news I got out for the first time in ages for something other than doctors or medicine. Well, I did go to my brother's house for Christmas but this was actually out out, like in public. Mom and I went to my nieces basketball game on Saturday, and afterwards we all went out to eat. It was fun, barring the one basketball dodging incident. The ball came flying at us and as I went to duck I tightened my grip on my soda in a styrofoam cup a bit too much, pushing my thumb through the side of it and sending it pouring to the floor. Meanwhile the ball hit mom. We lost the game but it was still fun.