Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I still haven't finished the assignment that was due by today. I've been so distracted by my online game, World of Warcraft. There is a huge patch to the game today which is causing issues (normal for big patch days). It's to add in a lot of the content for the expansion coming out next month. At this point I can't even get into the game but I'm looking at it as a blessing in disguise and using the time to try and get some other things done.

It's still irritating though. It's hard to wait for things you're excited about, no matter how old and grown up you get. I actually did get "some" things accomplished today while the WoW servers were down. I wrote in my journal, a habit I've been trying to get into at the suggestion from the writing class. I finished a short story I was reading from a book the writing school published and reccomended reading for the class that starts next month. I did something else that I can't remember the nature of at the moment. (I'm very forgetful these days. My neurologist says that's common in people with MS.)

I need to finish that assignment and read this week's lecture but I can't focus right now. Hmph. I guess I'll just go relax. Or something.


Mandy Crest said...

Stop by and pick up your award!

Weeble Girl said...

Hello, I just stumbled across your blog through Mandy's awards. I won one, too! Woohoo.

I have linked you on my blog about MS and I hope that's okay to you. I love that you are taking a writing class online. That sounds like a lot of fun.