Monday, December 8, 2008



I'm not quite as far behind as I was. I got this week's writing assignment in, caught up on all my critiques, read the story our instructor linked and added to the discussion on it, and went to the hospital for my weekly bloodwork necessary with starting the new med my neurologist prescribed me.

The bloodwork checked out fine and driving was much more agreeable during daylight hours. The short story he asked us to read was very interesting. Not that I can remember what it was about at all now, but I do remember I liked it. I'm not thrilled with my writing assignment but I don't think it's bad either. This week's lecture was on description and we were tasked with recounting a memorable meal and using at least three senses to describe it. I had no particularly memorable meal in mind so I made one up. I even made up a husband and sweet proposal in Venice, Italy to go along with it. Hey it's a fiction class, right? I don't feel guilty about that at all.

Now that I've managed to catch up on a few things I don't see how other people with MS handle kids and work. I rarely leave the house, don't work anymore, and have no children, but even the little things like an online class, a blog, and making something to eat or showering seem exhausting. I can't imagine leaving the house everyday to work or taking care of children, or anyone but me. Me is too much sometimes, let alone worrying about anyone else.

Oh, one last thing. Weeble tagged me for something interesting. I plan to do a post on 21 not so widely known things about myself and pick some other people to tag. Soon. Ish.


Becky said...

On bad days the kids get take-out for dinner and watch a lot of TV. Plus I spend a lot of time wish the youngest would nap so I can too. And I suspect those mom's have a long list of mother's helpers/sitters. I need to work on my list. :)

Weeble Girl said...

I also am a singleton with no children and can't imagine how moms can do this all and have MS. I'm on a leave of absence from work and still enjoy sleeping a lot of the day away.

I'm glad you enjoy your writing class so much. I must look into something like that for the future.

I also look forward to your 21 tidbits of info, whenever you get to them.