Thursday, November 20, 2008


Okay I'm calm now and everything is straightened out. It seems that the Cellcept, the medicine my doctor wants me to take in addition to my Rebif, is not as expensive as I was told. It IS, but that was the price for 180 pills and I only need 60 for the 1st month, which would be $500. Still expensive but just the one time I can handle it and after a month I'll be well into my insurance coverage, which is through Medicare so has no restrictions on pre-existing conditions.

Also I finally got to talk to the doctor, well his P.A. which is just as good, and he is calling it in for me just for the one month supply instead of the larger dose so that I won't have to pay for it all at once.

Big sigh of relief. I knew things would work out somehow I am just not very good at putting things out of my mind when they can't be resolved immediately. I'm still not happy about the large expense of this month's medicine but like I said, I can handle the amount for one month and I should be able to pick it up later and I think I will treat myself to something yummy for lunch (a little reward to convince myself to get out and pick up the darned stuff).

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