Thursday, November 20, 2008


This is really just venting so feel free to ignore it if you're not in the mood to read an angry woman's ranting.

I am so freaking angry with my neurologist. I didn't get to sleep until around 4 o'clock or 4:30 this morning and I got woke up at 8:30 by my doctor FINALLY returning my call from yesterday morning and because I was SLEEPING and I have MS I couldn't get the phone picked up before he hung up so all I could do was call the office AGAIN where AGAIN no actual person answered so I had to leave a message AGAIN which AS USUAL has not been returned yet so I STILL haven't been able to talk to the EFFING doctor about the matter of the prescription costing FIFTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS and the fact that I am on a FIXED INCOME and can't afford this with no insurance which I CLEARLY STATED more than once when I was in his office to begin with. It makes me SO ANGRY that there isn't even a chance of getting an actual person when I call. I haven't called and gotten anything but the DAMNED MACHINE in over a YEAR. Aside from this I do like my doctor but it is a long long way to drive to see him and it's so freaking hard to talk to anyone on the phone if they send all calls straight to voice mail and don't even return them on the same day. What kind of way is this for a doctor's office to be. I UNDERSTAND that you're busy but does the phone REALLY ring so much that a REAL LIVE PERSON couldn't answer it at least SOMETIMES? No no no. I have to arrange my entire day around YOUR office hours so that I can be available and RIGHT ON TOP OF the phone for EIGHT HOURS a day. Obviously I have MS so I have nothing better to do than sit around for two days and wait for the damned phone to ring. It is SO RIDICULOUS that they are so difficult to actually speak to. Sorry for the rant but I think it made me feel at least a little better to get it off my chest and I had to stop yelling at random to no one in particular because there is someone trying to sleep ten feet away.

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You've got to be exhausted. I'm sorry that you only get the cold machine when calling. That's frustrating for sure.

Now, what is this drug your supposed to take now? If it were one of the self-injectables, I'd understand the price, but.....